Poster Presentation Scheduling

Poster Session 1 (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM)

Poster #Presenter NameTitle
1Nivedina SarmaThe influence of molecular design on structure-property relationships of a supramolecular polymer prodrug
2Denghao FuFundamental study of catechol retardation effects in the application of dental adhesion
3Ellie PuenteRedox-Responsive Trehalose Nanoparticles to Stabilize Glucagon
4Jacob ScheweMagnetoactive Properties of Biocompatible Magnetic Hydrogel Composites: Effects of Magnetic Particulate Type and Magnetic Annealing
5Avanti PanditMultifunctional Polyesters as Tissue Adhesives to Control Soft Tissue Hemorrhage
6Alexander BahnickPhotochemical 3D printing of Bioresorbable Microneedle Arrays for Controlled Transdermal Drug Delivery
7Conner CheeEffect of Cation-π Interactions on the Relaxation Dynamics of Polyelectrolyte Complex Coacervates
8Yin Mei ChanSynergistic Enhancement of Peripheral Nerve Defect Repair using Peptide-Functionalized Aligned Nanofiber Conduits
9Albert ChangPolycation Stabilized Electrohydrodynamic Co-Jetted Janus Nanoparticle for Co-Delivery of Hydrophobic Drug.
10Shuxiao LiNew Materials for the Thermally Controlled Delivery of Inhalable Nitric Oxide
11Charles RafalkoStereolithography Photopolymerization Resin for Molding Water-Soluble Cavities
12Fjorela XhyliuSynthetic protein nanoparticle-encapsulated silicon quantum dots as a biocompatible probe for bioimaging applications
13Zaman AtaieEnabling printability and shape fidelity of granular hydrogel bioinks via reversible interparticle interactions
14Sina KheirabadiBiomacromolecular granular hydrogel scaffolds for assessing the effect of cellular iron content on glioblastoma cell migration
15Thomas WhiteParylene-C-Based Microfluidic Direct Sampling Probes for Chronic In Vivo Neurochemistry Studies
16Arian JaberiBiomacromolecular Granular Hydrogel Scaffolds for Wound Healing
17Arian JaberiEngineering the Porosity of Photocrosslinkable Protein-Based Granular Hydrogel Scaffolds
18Anthony BerardiA photoreactive biomaterial crosslinker with broadband fluorescence
19Kathleen BurkhardPatient-derived Ovarian Cancer Tumoroids for Studying the Tumor Microenvironment
20Jukai ZhouDesign and Electrochemical Study of Multidimensional Polymeric Architectures for Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
22Hochul WooIn situ observation of solvent exchange kinetics in a coordination polymer
23Mengjie YuBiomass-Derived Polymer Precursors as Lithium-ion Solid Electrolytes
24Jinyu BuHybrid Nanostructures with liquid metal core and functional polymer shell for flexible energy storage and electronics
25Cassidy CareyMetal-Organic Framework-Based Mixed Matrix Membranes for Nonaqueous Redox-Flow Batteries
26Philyong KimBiowaste Modified Sulfurized Polyacrylonitrile Cathodes Toward Stable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
27Lisby Santiago-PagánCrosslinked-Monovalent Selective Ion Exchange Membranes
28Carolina EspinozaHighly Charged Ion-Exchange Membranes for Treatment of Highly Impaired Waters via Electrodialysis
29Anthony SmithOpen‐cell PDMS polyHIPEs using PMVS to prevent pore collapse
30Jeongmi MoonStreptococcus mutans Aggregation in Biofilm Model System Driven by Depletion and Bridging.
31Neda HayeriThermally, UV, and Moisture Curable Novel Family of Versatile Oligomers
32Zijing ZhangMore extreme examples of extended conjugation via SiO0.5/SiO1.5 units
33Matthew WuFacilities for Procedurally Evaluating the Snow Shedding Behavior of Polymeric Surfaces
34Madison ForstnerThe Flow Properties of Snake Venom: How Venom Adapts to Fang Morphology
35Naomi CoutinhoPolymerized high internal phase emulsions to produce porous polymer beads with tunable mechanical properties
36Vindya DikellaPorous polyurethane with monodisperse porosity and controllable mechanical properties using water-in-oil high internal phase emulsion templating
37Kush PatelUsing Small-Angle Scattering and Rheology to Characterize Structure-Property Relation of Polymeric Latex Particles.
38Mahek SiwatchComparison of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers as support material in a self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor filtering wastewater
39Saleh AlkarriInvestigating anti-bacterial and anti-COVID-19 virus properties and mode of action of Mg(OH)2 and copper-Infused Mg(OH)2 nanoparticles on coated polypropylene surfaces
40Vikash KumarSustainable Packaging with Waterborne Soybean Oil
41Ash SubhapradHigh-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)-based Vitrimers
42Julio ZelayaExpanding the potential of proteins as synthetic nanocarriers
43Oguz CetinkayaEnhancing Battery Safety and Thermal Management: Integrating Boron Nitride Nanosheets into Polyolefin Separators
44Nathan DimmittMultifunctional PEG-based hydrogels formed by click-induced supramolecular interactions
45Joshua FlintPBAE (poly(β-amino ester)) as a Vehicle for Non-Viral Gene Delivery

Poster Session 2 (4:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

Poster #Presenter NameTitle
1Joo Hun LeeTemperature-mediated Biofilm Cleaning Efficacy of Self-locomotive Antimicrobial Microrobots (SLAM)
2Olusayo OgunyemiInvestigating the Photophysical Properties of Cis and Trans Poly(p-phenylenevinylene)s (PPVs)
4Ting LinRevealing Adhesion Promotion Mechanism by Probing Covalent Interactions at a Silicone Adhesive/Nylon Interface
5Sara ValdezDesign of RAFT Agents for Streamlined Measurements of Polymer Chain Conformations and Diffusivity
6Dongmin KimFormation of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) films via UV irradiation for electronic devices
7Arshiya BhaduShear Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polyethylene & its Fading Memory
8Li TaoElucidating structure-property relationships of cellulose-based crosslinked films
9Linghao ShiCoarse-grained simulation of interactions between pharmaceutical molecules and polymers
10Shivani KozarekarComputational Approaches to Intrinsically Circular Polymer Design
11Sayan BasakThermoelastic behavior of thermally crosslinked high-cis-1,4-polybutadiene
12Cindy Atencio-MartinezCompetitive formulation of a poly(catechol-styrene)–based adhesive for underwater applications
13Jung-Moo HeoHighly Thermostable Blue Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Based on Metal-Organic Frameworks
14Meng-Hsun LeePromoting adhesion property and coating stability of bioinspired dopamine derivatives via rationally designed polydopamine-disulfide copolymer system
15Sabrina CurleyComplex and Hierarchical Surface Patterning Achieved Though Metal Templates Facilitating Bulk Phase Separation and Surface Wrinkling
16Mohammad Asadi TokmedashMicron- to nano-crumpled MXene-based multilayers to regulate cell function for accelerating bone cell growth
17Chuqi HuangMicrogel-Based Optoelectronic Systems for Continuous, Real-Time Biochemical Sensing at Organ Interface
18Boonjae JangA Novel Strategy for Fabricating Nanostructures from Microstructured Molds by Global Shrinkage of Hydrogels
19Krishnaveni AjithSynthesis, polymerization, and characterization of terpenoid acrylates
20Akul SeshadriTuned Polyacrylamide-based Gel Morphology and Chemistry for Crystal Growth
21Mica PitcherHighly functional lignocellulosic materials for rare earth element removal and recovery via facile dual oxidation
22Kanat AnurakparadornPLA/Graphene Composites for Electromagnetic Metamaterial Absorbers
23Paul SmithAdditive manufacturing of carbon enabled by a robust plastic precursor platform
24Jinho KimSynthesis of Hydrophobic Self-healing Linear Polymer based on UV Reversible [2+2] Cycloaddition Reaction
25Alyssa VanZantenProbing the Relaxation Dynamics of PEG-based Hydrogels
26Daniel VerricoCell Encapsulation and Functionality in Engineered Living Microfibers by Uniaxial Electrospinning
27Mark RobertsonSynthesis of ordered mesoporous materials from nanostructured thermoplastic elastomers
28Zenghao ZhangNanocomposite Janus particles for complex information display
29Jennie PaikCarbodiimide Chemistry for Modification of Hyaluronic Acid with a Model Crystal Violet DNA Aptamer
30Kyoungjin SeoPhysics in biofilm matrix
31Kyle ChinDual-Wavelength Digital Light Processing Toward Multimaterial Printing
32Carlos Figueroa MoralesStretchable Self-Healable Semi-conducting Polymer Perovskite Quantum Dots Composite for Light-Emitting Diodes  
33Jiayue HuangWear-Resistant Bilayer Surface Design for Scale-independent De-icing
34Trishna ChengappaSynthesis of carboxylic acid terminated polymyrcene
36Taylor RepettoSurfaces with Instant, Persistent, and Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial Efficacy
37Rahul JhaElectrochemical Upcycling of Poly(vinyl chloride)
38Yuchen WuReducing Polymer Adhesion with UV Irradiation for Recycling
39Shuqing ZhangInvestigation of polyethylene weathering with a combination of analytical techniques
40Isabela CoutinhoPolysaccharide Blends as Sustainable Alternatives
41Henry ThurburCapturing microplastics with polarity-matching adhesives
42Ethan FinkEffects of caffeyl alcohol on the synthesis and degradation of lignin copolymer films
43Udayan Jayant DabkePyrolyzed Soybean Hulls (PSBH) as a potential conductive filler in High-Density Polyethylene/CB composites
44Vaidehi ShastriInvestigating ceiling temperatures of polyphthalaldehyde derivatives
45Madeline CloughMeasuring Microplastics in the Atmosphere of Michigan